Hammett: The Noir Croissant

Brian Wallace updates the news regarding Clive Owen playing Sam Spade, after Sam has moved to France, it’s circa 1963, and a plot is brewing.

First, The Ronin blurbs the project and speculates who might pick it up — they lean toward Netflix since Scott Frank, floating the project, scored there with The Queen’s Gambit.

But in a shocking upset — or a mysterious twist — or what-have-you — Brian then forwards a bit about rights going to AMC.

I remain curious to see if any influence from Jean-Patrick Manchette will seep in. That period in France was his turf, but then you have the problem that Sam Spade didn’t carry guns in The Maltese Falcon, and Manchette was gun-heavy. The heaviest.

(But for the amusing and ironic twist, in his own solo detective novel, Manchette featured a P.I. who wasn’t much with firearms — kind of like Steve McQueen playing a guy who was a lousy driver in his final film, The Hunter.)

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