Hammett: Yet Another Dashiell

You probably know about my little hobby, pretty casual, of recording how the name Dashiell pops up in the culture. From Gotham City to Night Court.

I was watching a podcast with Michael Biehn and thought I heard him reference his son — named Dashiell.

Sure enough. Dashiell King Biehn, born March 21 2015.

I’m still irked that the follow-up to Aliens starring Biehn got derailed in development. No less than twice.

Sure, if they’d shot it when originally floated maybe it wouldn’t have been the best action film ever made, trying to follow Aliens — but it would have had to be good. At least a Die Hard 2 (and the trailer for Die Hard 2 remains the best trailer I’ve ever seen).

At least they haven’t screwed up the John Wick franchise yet. . . .

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