Hammett: I Just Knew “The Diamond Wager” Sucked

Today Will Murray put out his latest research project over on the Black Gate blog, and every serious Hammett fan will want to take a gander — then do a double-take — and then sit down with a drink to soak up and ponder the hell out of the info.

People, if Will’s right — and he seems to be rock-solid on this one — as of June 30 we now have one less crime story by Dashiell Hammett.

Yeah, scratch “The Diamond Wager” published under the byline “Samuel Dashiell” off the list.

Read it all. One repercussion mentioned is that the pulp magazine the story appeared in has been selling for up towards a thousand bucks lately. Our resident Hammett bibliographer and arch-collector Terry Zobeck tells me, “I think he is probably right. Which makes my copy of the pulp, for which I paid $425 for back in 2004, a lot less valuable today.”

Do you feel the pillars of Hammett bibliography shaking?

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