Tour: Late for Oscar


Viewership for the Oscar ceremonies dropped way down this year, according to news on the net — a trend I got in on. People had requested a Hammett tour for the 22nd, so I gumshoed up and hit the mean streets for a few hours. Didn’t get back in front of the TV screen until the show was more than half done.

Per norm, I hadn’t seen any of the films up for major awards. Since they’d never give J.K. Simmons a statue for his spot-on J. Jonah Jameson, I’m glad he nabbed one off Whiplash.  Otherwise, whatever. Wake me if they ever shoot the Aliens sequel starring Michael Biehn. . . . He’s getting older every year, but that’s the one movie I’d really like to see.

I did notice that my post last year on the Jimi Hendrix flick with André 3000 came true — yeah, I would have been surprised if that one got an Oscar of any kind. Stunned, actually.  No Oscar. And of course I haven’t watched that one, either.

If the sequel to Aliens they should have filmed decades ago gets made, though, it could nab some technical Oscars. And I’ll definitely see it.

If it’s good, I’ll see it more than once.

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