Mort: Where’s Miguel?

After the tour on the 26th I made it back to my lair in time to catch most of the Oscars ceremony, including the debacle with Best Picture. Pretty funny. Keep Bonnie as far away from Clyde as possible, that’s my advice as a student of Texas history.

You can quibble about this or that with the show, and the part I want specifically to protest is that they didn’t include Miguel Ferrer in the In Memoriam segment. He also got left out of the SAG Awards memorial earlier, but he died only days before that one aired.

Still, SAG eased in Mary Tyler Moore. Miguel died January 19. MTM died January 25. SAG Awards: January 29.

Yeah, you can make the excuses — maybe someone considered him more a TV actor than a movie guy.

But Miguel was in the original Robocop. Iconic. And he was great in Robocop.

Consider this a protest.

And how they could have left out Oscar Nominee Robert Vaughan, who died November 11 2016, really astounds me. He was the Last of The Seven, and The Magnificent Seven — and Robocop — will survive in the culture far longer than anything up for Best Picture this round.

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