Sinister Cinema: A Fresh Batch of Willefordian Bad Guys

Happened to watch the brand new Netflix movie I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore a couple of nights ago. A 2017 release, fresh as you can get.

It’s a “little” movie, but I have no problem with that and overall I liked it. For some people, the start might just be too slow. You could get to thinking that nothing interesting will ever happen.

But then the bad guys show up.

If you trust my critical opinions, or if you are just one of the legion of readers who love the work of Charles Willeford, stick with this one until the first bad guy appears onscreen. That ought to do it.

One moment after another, I kept being reminded of Willeford’s sociopaths and quirky plot developments.

Keep in mind that I am plugging this one here strictly for people who like Willeford, whose bursts of ultra-violence and sick killers aren’t for everybody.

Me, I love that stuff. If you do too, check it out.

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