Posse McMillan: More on Nisbet

Noted book and pulp collector Kevin Cook sent in a few thoughts on the recent death of Jim Nisbet:

I was saddened to hear of the death of Jim Nisbet at age 75.

Nisbet was a tremendously uneven author. I still have no idea whether he got better or worse as he got older, because Dennis McMillan advised me that his novels were published completely out of the order in which he wrote them.

Also, after I met him he allowed Dennis to send me copies of the novels (then) unpublished in the US. The one that I always thought was wildly funny was Ulysses’ Dog, Nisbet’s take on the PI novel. Nisbet never quite equaled the quirky humor of Charles Willeford, but then who else did?

Still, he could write humorously and also seriously as he did in his stone-cold masterpiece Dark Companion.

I did thank Nisbet for the recommendation he provided me at Noir Con to read Derek Raymond.

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