Rediscovered: Doodlebug

The collection of Lovecraft’s letters to Robert H. Barlow, O Fortunate Floridian, has so many irritating flaws and omissions I honestly think it would be better to toss it on the scrapheap and do a new edition under less fannish editorial hands — John D. Haefele’s recent Lovecraft: The Great Tales features much better (and previously unseen) photos of HPL visiting RHB in DeLand.

Visiting Barlow, and his cats High, Low, Jack and Doodlebug. . . .

Brian Leno’s recent interest in Barlow is by no means his first show of interest, he’s had this envelope for awhile. Perhaps it could be considered part of his Lovecraft collection, the tiny John Hancock from the Providence writer — but it feeds into any sort of Barlow collection he may seek out in his persistent quest for autographs.

Brian checked and the note anent Doodlebug is missing from O Fortunate Floridian. If you have that book, you might want to make a copy and insert it near the text of the September 26, 1935 letter.

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