Rediscovered: “I’ll See You an England and Raise You a Rud”

Before he finally retired, Brian Leno spent many long years dealing cards in gambling dens in North Dakota — giving him some authentic Mean Streets cred and pocket money to toss against his Autograph Hound addiction.

So when Kevin Cook pulled out a George Allan England signature last Saturday, Brian simply covers that card today with one of his own. He points out that of the autographs he’s displaying this weekend, “None are impossible to find. England, author of The Flying Legion and Cursed, is available, with a little research. But it won’t be cheap, especially if the inscription is an important one.”


Of these offerings for Autograph Hound Saturday and Autograph Hound Super-Sunday, Brian is sure that “The toughest one is Anthony Rud. Died when he was 49, so his signature is no doubt more scarce than others.

“At one time he was the editor of Adventure but he’s undoubtedly best known as the author of ‘Ooze’, which was the cover story for the very first issue of Weird Tales.

“I’ve seen signed books by Rud going fairly high, but I’ve never seen another check endorsed by him for sale. Of course there must be some out there, but mine is the only example of which I’m aware.”


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