Rediscovered: Liquor Guns & Ammo — Hand-Corrected

How about some extra oomph for Autograph Hound Super-Sunday?

And with just a little bit more effort, why not make it an apt offering for Veterans Day?

Kent Anderson is a Vietnam War combat vet — his first novel Sympathy for the Devil kind of nails down the experience. Great writer. Nonetheless, his second novel Night Dogs was rejected by everyone with access to a printing press, until Dennis McMillan decided to champion it. His edition sold out in a week, trade editions in hardcovers and wraps followed from other publishers, trying to cash in.

Then after awhile Dennis released a collection of stories and other material under the title Liquor Guns & Ammo.

More recently, Kent trotted out his third novel, Green Sun. I recommend him for beginning collectors, he doesn’t have hundreds of titles you’d have to track down. And he’s a great writer.

I pulled a copy of LG&A off the shelf for today’s display — a blank signature on the main title page, but also an inscription to me on the preceding half-title — plus (and this is the good part) a number of hand-corrections in the text.

I love hand-corrections. Think the last time I mentioned the idea was with a James Crumley book (Crumley, also a Vietnam vet, also a writer in the old Posse McMillan crew).

Kent fans ought to appreciate these:

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