Rediscovered: More Posse McMillan

About a month ago we spotlighted the unwieldy squiggle of Kent Harrington during the Autograph Hound weekend. Plunged in deep, lots of samples. One of the most prolific Posse McMillan writers back in the day, and one of the favorites of noted pulp and book collector Kevin Cook.

But naturally — having good taste — Kevin likes several others of the McMillan gang, and keeps up with their work to this day. He even mentioned, “Unlike my McMillan editions the new books I have bought by that crew of writers — Kent, Bob Truluck, Lono Waiwaiole and Kent Anderson — are all still unsigned.”

Let’s pick up those other noir scribes this weekend.

Autograph Hound Saturday features Lono at the top, from his Wiley series. I’d have to flip through to find it, but a Wiley novel has a one-page chapter that’s one of the most brutal things I’ve ever read. Excellent.

And below behold the handle of Bob Truluck from one of his Dennis McMillan releases. I don’t know if he does it all the time, but Bob signs in the weirdest areas in the books I’ve seen. Maybe that’s his hallmark. You may recall that for the copies of Measures of Poison signed at Bouchercon that he made his mark sideways, up and down, in the gutter.


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