Rediscovered: Stilson to Davis

You might be wondering what sort of correspondence Charles B. Stilson — author of Polaris — of the Snows — engaged in 96 years ago today.

Or perhaps the thought hadn’t crossed your mind.

In either case, the noted book and pulp collector Kevin Cook is here with an archival sampling from his vast holdings, offering a look at “an exchange of letters between Stilson and Bob Davis regarding book publication of ‘The Black Wolf of Picardy,’ originally serialized in Argosy from June 15-July 20, 1918.

“The same time that Stilson was writing his lost race novels for All-Story he was separately writing a series of historical novels for Argosy.

“Following these letters the novel was indeed published by G. Howard Watt in 1924 under the title of The Ace of Blades. The front cover as above.

“The ‘RHD’ initials for Davis’ name represents his full name of Robert Hobart Davis.”

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