Sinister Cinema: Fatty Paws a Blue Book

John Locke is back with “another pulp sighting for the queue,” third in his new series of Pulps in the Movies. Catch them Wednesdays here on Up and Down These Mean Streets!

This one is an example of the best kind of sighting: a pulp in a movie, and both from the same year. Fresh as fresh can be.

John says, “This scene from Mabel and Fatty’s Wash Day (1915), depicts Fatty Arbuckle in happier days, before the unfortunate events that brought him into near-contact with Hammett in late 1921.

“Here, he’s put his wife (Alice Davenport) to sleep with a story from the January 1915 Blue Book.

“We’d like to think it was Frank R. Adams’s short story ‘The White Woman’s Burden,’ but that was at the back of the issue.

“Sophisticated photogrammetry techniques reveal that he had just begun ‘The Jolt,’ by another Adams, Minnie Barbour.”

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