Sinister Cinema: Jim Tully on the Mean Streets of Noir City

Laughter in HellTonight the eleventh annual Film Noir Festival kicks off in the Castro Theatre, and I’m sure most people have checked the schedule and made plans on what to see.

But just to make sure it’s on the record for fans of Jim Tully, on Monday January 28 you can catch the 1933 movie of Laughter in Hell — at this moment in time, almost impossible to see. (As the Noir City blurb sez, “The only way to see it? In this theatre, tonight!” — that would be Monday night.)

I’m thinking about going, but probably won’t — I’m still scarred after finally seeing Roadhouse Nights last year, plus I’m more a noir purist and 1933 Hollywood is a little too early to qualify (I guess you can call it proto-noir and not be too far off). And I’ve never liked Pat O’Brien — you can only play a priest so many times and still stay on my Must See list.

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