Sinister Cinema: The Black Bird Flaps Back to the Old Hood

long bogie

Tuesday October 27 The Maltese Falcon returns to the hood where it was imagined, plotted and pounded into life on the typewriter keys by none other than longtime Tenderloin resident Dashiell Hammett — the 1941 film version with Bogie, of course. Who knows how many well-thumbed copies of the novel reside in how many rooms deep within the TL?

The recently opened Tenderloin Museum is sponsoring the event and is bringing me in to intro the film, answer questions. Sample the drinks and snacks. My specialty.

Tix online at the link. Even though the museum seems to occupy the space in the Cadillac Hotel once occupied by the gym where Dempsey and others trained, it won’t take long to fill up. Get your pass while it can be got.

Falcon title

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