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891 Post: The Scorched Face

And today Mark Murphy pops in a photo showing off exactly how close the fire came to his windows — top floor, at right — leaving scorch marks on the south face of 891 Post. I think you’ll be able … Continue reading

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891 Post: Threatened by Fire — Again

The title on the email just received from Mark Murphy, a current inhabitant of 891 Post: Major Fire at 642 Hyde almost spreads to 891 Post On the car radio around midnight I heard about a fire near the corner of … Continue reading

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Hammett: And Prohibition

Per my normal Xmas rituals, I’ll be heading up to the dinner table in the hideout of Floyd “Tattoo the Wicked Cross” Salas, but here’s a tidbit to hold down a place under the tree: some casual speculation on Hammett … Continue reading

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Tour: Sunday January 18

Next walk where anyone with $20 and four hours to spare can just show up and gumshoe the mean streets will be Sunday January 18 — and, yes, rain or shine. Bring an umbrella if needed or deck yourself out Old … Continue reading

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891 Post: And More on 895 Post

How about another 891 Post post? Eighteen people hauled out for the walk on September 21, including Warren Harris of Midget Bandit Week fame (so naturally I had to do lots of extra coverage of Edwin Ware) and a guy named … Continue reading

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Tour: Sunday September 21

  Image above — gesticulating next to the plaque marking the Sam Spade apartment building in 891 Post Street. And if you want to gumshoe the mean streets on The Dashiell Hammett Tour this month, your chance to do so … Continue reading

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Blog: Say “Cheese”

In the shot above — used previously for a post of yesteryear — Bill Arney stands against the frame of the Murphy bed in Sam Spade’s apartment in 891 Post Street and regales a tour group with some anecdotage. Bill … Continue reading

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Tour: July 20 AND July 27

Okay, kind of last second, but some people asked about a tour on Sunday July 27 — and you may consider it a Go. I figure the New York Times article may have kicked up enough dust to cause way … Continue reading

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891 Post: The Mystery of the Boarded-Up Window

Sure, I guess I could take a picture of the boarded-up window in Sam Spade’s apartment, but it is just so sad and kind of pathetic that I don’t want to add the image to the social media — someone … Continue reading

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Tour: The June Walks

Okay, June is coming up fast — kicking off with a walk on Sunday June 1 and another on Sunday June 22 (with at least one tour by appointment booked in there, too, thus far). For the walks on June 1 … Continue reading

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