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Hammett: James, Joyce

Tough one — this post from frequent Guest Blogger Terry Zobeck could be held over till August for LitCrit Month — nothing is more LitCrit than James Joyce and Finnegans Wake, right??? — or just popped online right now during … Continue reading

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Hammett: “Vamping Samson”

For me a writer’s life is traditional biography superimposed over strict bibliography. I want to know what was written, when, why, and then follow the writings into print, especially print that occurred in the writer’s own lifetime, when it meant … Continue reading

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Hammett: On Mary Austin and Advertising

The indefatigable Terry Zobeck is back to complete his coverage of Hammett’s side career as a book reviewer. He began with a post on February 1st and dedicated another on February 16th to the mystery review column The Crime Wave. … Continue reading

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Hammett: Only Four to Go

Terry Zobeck followed through on his plan to hit the Library of Congress in search of pure texts for Hammett stories, and cut the list of seven missing texts down to only four. Plus he copied various other items for research … Continue reading

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Hammett: More Book Reviewing

And Terry Zobeck is back, with more on Hammett’s history as a book reviewer: A couple of weeks back I told you about a new web site containing scans of the book reviews Hammett wrote for The Forum and the Saturday Review … Continue reading

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Hammett: Book Reviewer

How about we kick off February with The Return of Terry Zobeck? Terry took a little time off there from blogging (hey, so did I), but he’s back with another exploration down an interesting byway of Hammett studies — the … Continue reading

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