Tour: 3 Sundays in September

People have been asking if I was ever going to offer some just-show-up walks again.

I admit, it’s a fair question, this year being my Fortieth Anniversary and all. John Q. Public could reasonably expect some mean streets leadership to celebrate the landmark.

Sure, July and August got away from me — it was almost like I was on summer vacation or something! A couple of weeks ago I did slip on the gumshoes to guide an enthusiastic contingent of the writer’s group Sisters in Crime around as a group by appointment. Shots at the top and bottom show the mob trailing me up North Fifth Street, a.k.a Cyril Magnin Street.

In September, people who have been wanting to walk the walk are welcome to show up at noon, no appointment needed, and slap leather on the sidewalks. You’ll need $20. The tour takes four hours or slightly more, if people get serious with the questions.

So, noon. $20. Pick the Sunday you like best: Sunday September 3 — Sunday September 10 — or Sunday September 24.

And if I don’t blow out a knee or gasket or something, I’m planning for another threefer of Sundays in October.

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