Tour: Death in the Tenderloin

Mike Humbert came out on the tour this past Sunday and popped one of the many asides that make the walk the meta-tour that it is up on his personal YouTube channel. You may know Mike’s name — he did the maps for the new edition of the Hammett tour book, and his website devoted to Hammett is the one selected for a link off the main Tour Page.  Go to Mike’s Hammett site and you can surf around to your hard-boiled heart’s content.

The digital capture features the Deco Bar on Larkin off Turk across the street, me talking about the very early years of the tour when that address housed Oronte’s Restaurant, and how the old lady who ran the place was found murdered inside — one of a variety of Tenderloin murder sites I sometimes toss into the narrative of the mean streets. And as I start the spiel, a block up on Eddy a band marching in front of a Chinese funeral walks past, creating an appropriate distraction.

Anyone who wants to take upcoming tours can hop onto the Current Walks Page, found on the drop-down menu under The Tour in the banner above, and see what’s available. Each and every Sunday in May makes the easiest-to-remember option. And let the parade begin. . . .

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