Tour: Guest Stars

And on that tour by appointment for April 19 I was talking about, Charlie Morfin and Carrie-Anne of the Black Dahlia walks in Hollywood were up to check out the Frisco scene, get some tips about leading tours for film noir sites and so on — I don’t know if they want to muscle into my territory or not, or keep it strictly on the mean streets of Tinseltown — but they’ve got ambition. Historic jeep tours of LA. Visits to the graves of the stars (I’ve done a lot of those on my own dime, faves being Dwight Frye, Bela Lugosi one plot over from Bing Crosby, John Ford, Jack Benny — hell, I’ve checked out many, and still need to track down Lon Chaney, Sr. — Bogie rests in a closed-off section of a boneyard, alas).

Next time I drop south for a couple of days, with any luck I plan to join these guys for the martini course in Musso & Frank’s, one of my all-time favorite places. Maybe spot a few celebrities on the side.

If you run down and want to see some sites, check out the various tours that are offfered — and if like a lot of people interested in Hammett and the hard-boiled genre, you dig the period clothing and Art Deco vibe, Carrie-Anne has a line of noir fashion going on the side. You could get bumped off in style.

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