Tour: The Germ’s Afoot

Man! Look at all those people who could have been giving me coronavirus — or vice versa — except it was back in August 5, 2017 on a tour by appointment with Sisters in Crime, and I doubt any of us were thinking we’d be jumped by a global pandemic any time soon.

Personally, I’m not particularly worried about it, but everybody else seems to be. Libraries closing, music festivals unplugged — the entire Bay Area as of today on mandatory lock down for a few weeks. Jeez.

Guess I won’t be doing walks in the immediate future. Can’t honestly say they are essential services — fun, sure, but not essential. (I wasn’t thinking about doing much if anything before May, in any case).

The backup plans of being forced to hole up in my lair, binge-watching shows month after month, poking around on various writing and editing projects — I’d be doing that anyway.

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