Two-Gun Bob: Heh-heh-heh. . .

Hey-hey, after my post yesterday detailing just one example of the horrible — I say, horrible, son, truly horrible — uncredited cribbing on Todd Vick’s Robert E. Howard fan site, today they have added a [1] to the bit about Viking ships and put in at the bottom:


[1] There are several references for this citation. Each one seems to be using the other in the same reference/information. The origin of this information is unknown. Here are the citations:
The Norumbega Vinland Stone


No quote marks — as yet — to show how crudely and directly the info was lifted. . . .

Of course, the other chunks of info on the other ships, as I said, need a similar footnote to show where the dope originates — for example, British battleships is cribbed from

Needless to say, the sources for the other stuff lifted can be — and has been — found. Why they are pretending the material isn’t simply cribbed off the web is beyond me.

Someone is going to have a busy, busy weekend trying to make the presentation look “scholarly” — and that is only one post. How about any and all previous posts where wordage was lifted? Surely no one thinks this post is the first time the blogger has just gone in and done wholesale cut & paste off the net?

At any rate, as long as you have an interest, keep surfing over to see Todd Vick and crew do a wild Frankenstein monster patch job, trying to salvage some credibility out of all those scattered body parts.

(For comparison, you can look at the original posting here — but only if you get some amusement out of it. Life is short.)

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