Rediscovered: The Return of a Doc

A year ago Brian Leno was appalled when bestseller James Patterson tried to write a novel featuring The Shadow.

Now he’s got word that Patterson is moving in on Doc Savage — and we know how much Brian likes Doc:

Just got the latest issue of the The Bronze Gazette with news James Patterson’s The Perfect Assassin: A Doc Savage Thriller will hit the stands in November.

It’s on Amazon. Just saw it.

What’s next? The Spider, Lone Ranger?

Maybe he will try a Conan novel.

This novel features Brandt Savage, the real Doc’s grandson. The co-author is Brian Sitts, who also worked on the Patterson version of The Shadow. The guy has so many collaborators pretty soon my neighbors in Bismarck will be assisting him in his literary endeavors.

I will, of course, read it.

In the Middle Ages I would have been one of those dumb bastard pilgrims walking thousands of miles, whipping myself continuously upon my back.

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