Smackdown: Haefele vs. Joshi!

When I first mentioned John D. Haefele’s book on Derleth, Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos, I knew he’d eventually catch a barrage or two from the entrenched forces in that arena.

And now longtime Lovecraftian and Publishers Weekly editor Peter Cannon suggests that the feud may have erupted big time, just after the anniversary of Lovecraft’s birth — and right on time for the Necronomicon gathering in Providence this weekend.

What happened? Well, the Lovecraft scholar S.T. Joshi finally noticed that Haefele rips him limb from limb (politely, of course) in the book and let loose with quite a rant for a review .

I’m guessing normal people will only be able to skim over the excessive verbiage, but you’ll get the idea.

So, you may wonder, what does Haefele have to say in response? You can read it right here.

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