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Hammett: More Newsprint

  When I checked my copy of Richard Layman’s Dashiell Hammett: A Descriptive Bibliography the other day for information on newspaper reprints, I noticed that he cites a serial run for The Thin Man in the San Francisco Examiner during March and April 1934. … Continue reading

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Hammett: Another Newspaper Serialization

Okay. This is getting ridiculous. John D. Squires has come across yet another newspaper serialization of a Continental Op story, this time from 1947. You may recall he recently uncovered a 1956 newspaper run for Hammett’s “The Tenth Clew,” prompting … Continue reading

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Hammett: The Fat Man

To kick off a new month, how about a touch of Hammett off the air waves? You’ve got an ad for one of his radio shows, The Fat Man, above, courtesy John D. Squires. And if you’ve got some time … Continue reading

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Hammett: More “Clew”

And here’s another chapter heading for that 1950s newspaper reprint of Hammett’s “The Tenth Clew,” featuring a quite svelte Continental Op in action — thanks to John D. Squires for bringing it to my attention.

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Hammett: Another “Clew”

The last time Hammett’s 1924 Op story “The Tenth Clew” got a mention on this site was when we linked to a bit where Mike Nevins covered some odd editing Frederic Dannay did on the ending in the 1940s. I figured … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: More Fantômas

  Good old John D. Squires continues his arcane research into the cross-promotion between fiction and film early in the last century, and just tumbled to another Fantômas ad, for all the Fantômas fans out there.

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Hammett: “Magician” Trackdown

Lately M. P. Shiel has been in the air around here — I’ve been easing my way through the first two of three volumes of the biography of Shiel from the pen of Harold Billings (on the side reading upcoming … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Fantômas, the Serials

My pal John D. Squires, current honcho of the cult for M. P. Shiel, saw the blurb for Fantômas the other day and popped me the ad above, which tries to hook movie theatres in 1916 into running a film serial … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Redonda!

I’m confident it was my pal Steve Eng who brought M. P. Shiel fully to my attention some thirty years ago. Like anyone else interested in horror and fantastic literature, I’d have come across the name already, courtesy at least … Continue reading

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