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Hammett: More Rhea and Wilmer

Bill Arney has been busy knocking out a new series of Cheese Theatre episodes, but after holding down the Sam Spade apartment in 891 Post Street for years he keeps his hand in on Hammett stuff — and just popped these notes in as … Continue reading

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Hammett: Rhea, Wilmer, or. . . ?

Mike Humbert refreshes his name in my Tag Cloud by sending in a link to a bit about The Maltese Falcon he’s found hanging out in the web — as he notes, it is an “Off-the-wall theory, but interesting. . . .” The … Continue reading

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Hammett: Lost Stories, Found

After his first Guest Blogger spot, tracking down the pure text for Hammett’s Continental Op yarn “This King Business,” Terry Zobeck returns with another Adventure in Collecting. Here’s Terry: Ever since I read Richard Layman’s 1981 Hammett biography Shadow Man, and … Continue reading

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Tour: Death in the Tenderloin

Mike Humbert came out on the tour this past Sunday and popped one of the many asides that make the walk the meta-tour that it is up on his personal YouTube channel. You may know Mike’s name — he did the maps … Continue reading

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News: October 2009

TWO TOURS IN OCTOBER For anyone who missed the full month of Hammett walks in September, you’ve got a couple of chances to make it good this month. Two dames flying in from Switzerland asked for one and a book … Continue reading

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News: May 2009

HAMMETT WALKS EVERY SUNDAY THIS MONTH After tons of news items about books and signings all year, let’s keep the May news kind of simple. You want to take the tour for the first time or after a hiatus of … Continue reading

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News: January 2007

THIRTY YEARS UP AND DOWN THE MEAN STREETS! Suddenly it is 2007, and what do you know, Don has been leading the dauntless Hammett Tour up and down the streets of San Francisco for nothing less than thirty years. Hmmm, … Continue reading

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