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Sinister Cinema: Cheese for Halloween

The tour group for Sunday the 13th was pretty interesting — of the ten people who showed up ready to walk, slightly more than half seemed to be from Australia, plus we got a guy from Spain, in the burg … Continue reading

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Frisco Beat: Living in Hammett Street

The blurb on the 25th anniversary of the literary streets attracted Bruce Dettman’s attention, and he popped me a note about how he once lived in 20 Monroe Street, now 20 Dashiell Hammett Street, one-time digs of Hammett himself. Bruce … Continue reading

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Frisco Beat: Those Literary Streets

When we hoof up to Dashiell Hammett Street on the tour, I usually provide a thumbnail history of how it got named in honor of the author of The Maltese Falcon — alongside eleven other streets renamed in honor of various authors … Continue reading

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Tour: Chatting with KPAM

On Tuesday I recorded a radio interview with KPAM out of Portland and they tell me it’ll air this weekend on “The Azumano Travel Show” — split into two parts so the sound of scruffing gumshoes hiking up and down … Continue reading

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Tour: Living Near Hammett

One of the walkers who showed up on September 16 and got in on The Maltese Eagle Caper was a guy named Michael — e-yclept Mjsoltys — who e’ed in advance to check about the date and mentioned: “I lived … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: The Thurber House and Grave

When he was checking out the web to see what attractions we might want to see on the side during PulpFest, Brian Leno spotted a James Thurber house open as a museum in Columbus, Ohio. As I’ve said before, I’ll track down any literary residence for … Continue reading

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Rediscovered: Zane Grey

My recent trip down to Musso & Frank and the link yesterday to my guidebook The Literary World of San Francisco remind me that I’ve been meaning to blurb the Zane Grey Pueblo Hotel on Catalina Island for awhile now. I’ve … Continue reading

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